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How to Choose a Kid’s First Tackle Box

July 24, 2018

Getting kids started with the right fishing equipment can make a big difference. Tackle storage is no exception. Consider these tips when helping a child select their first tackle box:

Size Matters
Give kids something they can manage on their own. Plano’s new Let’s Fish Satchels are double-sided, flat and stackable. The suitcase-style design easily lines up side-to-side or stacks on shelves, minimizing storage space. Unlike larger, adult-sized tackle boxes that can be difficult for a youngster to carry, the compact and thin design makes these Satchels ideal for young anglers’ small hands.

Let's Fish Satchels are the perfect size for kids to manage on their own.Start with the Basics (with Room to Grow)
New, young anglers need a kit with variety to get them going. Let’s Fish Satchels are designed to get kids off on the right foot with a 70-piece starter set of fishing tackle that includes soft plastic worms for bass, crappie jigs and plastic grubs for crappies, and hooks and bobbers for bluegills and other panfish. As a youngster acquires more tackle for a particular species, it is easy to add a second and third Let’s Fish Satchel to keep tackle organized by the fish it’s designed to catch.

Go for Quality
Plano Let’s Fish Satchels are made with quality components to provide years of continued use. Molded-in handles make these tackle carriers solid and reliable. The double-sided storage can be divided to accommodate differently-sized tack and lures, thanks to 10 removable dividers.

Have Fun
Kids will enjoy choosing a tacklebox that is unique to them. Let’s Fish Satchels are available in four exciting new colors. The blue, purple, green and pink Satchels feature see-through lids so items are easily visible for fast access. And the handle can be latched securely to a bicycle’s storage rack to suit young anglers on the move.

Plano Let’s Fish Satchels will be available January 2019 at your favorite retailer. Click here to see more of what’s new from Plano for 2019!

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